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Power Pad Wireless Charger And Mouse Pad For iPhone 8 And Samsung

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A new and innovative Power Pad of a Qi standard that works as a wireless charger to your newest Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone X, and also as a mousepad for your computer!Have your phone charging right in front of you on your new charger pad while working on a computer. When a call comes, pick up the phone with no wires attached. Your phone starts receiving the charge as soon as you place it back on the charger pad and this way you never get out of charge. The very handy and very innovative newest technology with practical use.The Power Pad is made of a non-slip bottom and smooth gliding surface that will hold your phone nicely and will work with any type of mouse.DETAILS:Comes in wood finish print. You also get a USB charging cord to plug your mouse into the USB outlet.It has a slot to place your pen.It has a kickstand to hold your phone upright as it gets charged.Compatible with iPhone 8/8 Plus, AND iPhone X as well as Samsung all Qi Based Models.Power Pad size 9"Wide X 3"Tall.Clean charger surface with a wet cloth.